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Friday, July 19, 2013


This will be a serial containing all the pervy comics that sit in back of my mind long enough to make it to paper.
It's full color, smaller size, 28 pages, lot's of sexually related material, in a sort of organic mechanisms kind of way, if any one can get off on this send proof by mail to win a free drawing, just kidding, don't do that.
$7!!! GET ONE HERE! at the newwww store! old store on bigcartel is still up in case storenvy starts charging a fee for usage, postage rates may differ, choose which suits you best, I don't mind.
If ordered alone comes in a swanky brown card envelope used by super swank cartoon guy Patrick Kyle to send Distance Mover comic from CANADA! oh my gosh! Patrick Kyle touched these envelopes!!
Recycle baby. Follow Patrick Kyle on his tumblr HERE.

Check out the new shop, lots of stuff that's not on the old shop.

TODAY I am putting up small drawings for sale, $15? let's try it. Thanks.

Monday, April 1, 2013

SEX, DETH & SHIT...the museum...comic

I made a comic for the new Monster comics anthology put out by Paul Lyons at Hidden Fortress Press. Paul  and Roby are printing it in two colors on this wildly beautiful machine they got up there in Providence, RI. It's about the size of a copy machine but if willy's oompa loompas had built it, you know springs and things and little golden shiny bits and makes a noise like five sewing machines at once, or a lawnmower, they ought to have a name for it, I don't know if they do.

And the book is square and a doozy apparently, going to be chock full of comics from lots of talented nutjobs. He's putting up some preview pages on the hidden fortress sight HERE.

SO CHECK IT OUT! it's gonna be debuting at TCAF in toronto or CAKE in chicago. I'll be at both, scramblin' around, dazed and confused like, cause that's the default setting.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Arthur #34 with MOTOSEX comics!

Hey hey! The New Arthur Magazine, issue #34 is out and about! HERE and around town for $5!! Now with a giant full color MOTOSEX comic by ME. Evolution of the Sibruidz, the story of impossible adaptation for perfect dynamic efficiency!

it looks like this! and it's REALLY BIG!
Arthur Magazine edited by Jay Babcock, has got music reviews, great articles and holy crap COMICS. I'm honored to be in here,  alongside comics by Will Sweeney, Johnny Negron,  and Vanessa Davis, brought together by Floating World Comics' Dude, Jason Leivian.

I picked up an issue they did a while back (#4) on Alan Moore and I hung on to that thing for a long time, I think it's still around somewhere, and probably still a good read too. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lumpen Comics Issue!!

Lumpen is a magazine that's been around... it's free! They just put out a comics issue (on my birthday! little while ago) There is a .pdf of it here

i love those old rotary phones, and those big chunky plastic ones i mean i really love them, I LOVE them!

and it's also available around in real live paper physical form. This is my comic in the issue, it might be easier to read in the .pdf actually.  A lot of amazing, talented friends are in the book too! It's full of Chicago cartooning goofballs.  CHECK IT OUUUUUUUUUTTTT!

Chromazoid 02 Available ALL OVER!

Chromazoid #1, #2 & Hot Dog Beach #2 are now available for sale online at
DOMINO books distro!

and from:

The Beguiling, in Toronto, Canada

Quimby's Books, in Chicago, IL (SOON)

Atomic Books, in Baltimore, MD

Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY

Desert Island in Brooklyn, NY

Floating World Comics in Portland, OR

Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA (SOON)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Laura Perez of THROAT magazine took awesome pictures of the Chromazoid #2 and Happiness #3 release party and here they ARE! HERE
a  wonderful time was had by all!!!

check em out!!

Monday, December 31, 2012


Screen Printed Show Posters for Saturday's Release Party!