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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Arthur #34 with MOTOSEX comics!

Hey hey! The New Arthur Magazine, issue #34 is out and about! HERE and around town for $5!! Now with a giant full color MOTOSEX comic by ME. Evolution of the Sibruidz, the story of impossible adaptation for perfect dynamic efficiency!

it looks like this! and it's REALLY BIG!
Arthur Magazine edited by Jay Babcock, has got music reviews, great articles and holy crap COMICS. I'm honored to be in here,  alongside comics by Will Sweeney, Johnny Negron,  and Vanessa Davis, brought together by Floating World Comics' Dude, Jason Leivian.

I picked up an issue they did a while back (#4) on Alan Moore and I hung on to that thing for a long time, I think it's still around somewhere, and probably still a good read too.