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JASON LITTLE (Shutterbug FolliesMotel Art Improvement Service)
Comic-wise, what are you most excited about for 2013?

"She has stormed the gates of the male-dominated expressionist post-apocalypse sci-fi genre. She’s taking lots of cues from Gary Panter and Moebius, but the work is all hers. It’s really inspiring to see her muscular women wreaking havoc across her bizarre landscapes. I recommend starting with the full-color Hyperspeed to Nowhere."      WOOOHOOO!

Austin English, whose work is terrifying and lively, of Domino Books and The Disgusting Room says wonderful things about Hot Dog Beach #1 and 2
"This comic really excited me when I read it. Westvind has made a lot of comics, and I’d never read any of them until a few weeks ago. They are all very good, but this was my favorite. There’s a moment toward the end where a character begins pounding a car with her fists. The drawing gets so rubbery and then so muscular. Something about that combination hits this pleasure section in my brain so definitively. It’s like watching someone stand in front of you while their flesh melts AND gets electrocuted at the same time—somehow, their basic physical structure retains. That’s how Westvinds characters feel to me. Westvind includes a single drawing of a face on the last page that almost feels like her artistic manifesto: a stretched out grin, smooshed and lively, covered in zipatone."  For
For review on Hot Dog Beach #2 see

L. Nichols, author of Flocks made this for Comics Workbook,  her website is HERE

Jack Hayden of awesome anthology SnakeBomb wrote a review for Comics Workbook on Hyperspeed To Nowhere,  William Cardini's Vortex, and Gnartoons by James the Stanton.

"Hyperspeed to Nowhere - Lale Westvind (2011). Collection of short sci-fi comics with a clever twists on familiar tropes (space malls, psychic worms, antiquated future societies). Flat, muted colors compliment Westvind’s explosive lineart. Her alien desert traveller story captures the mystic vibe of early Heavy Metal comix. Noisy, restless, fun"