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Monday, April 1, 2013

SEX, DETH & SHIT...the museum...comic

I made a comic for the new Monster comics anthology put out by Paul Lyons at Hidden Fortress Press. Paul  and Roby are printing it in two colors on this wildly beautiful machine they got up there in Providence, RI. It's about the size of a copy machine but if willy's oompa loompas had built it, you know springs and things and little golden shiny bits and makes a noise like five sewing machines at once, or a lawnmower, they ought to have a name for it, I don't know if they do.

And the book is square and a doozy apparently, going to be chock full of comics from lots of talented nutjobs. He's putting up some preview pages on the hidden fortress sight HERE.

SO CHECK IT OUT! it's gonna be debuting at TCAF in toronto or CAKE in chicago. I'll be at both, scramblin' around, dazed and confused like, cause that's the default setting.