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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Austin English, creator of his own wild man comics that I love to gaze upon for hours, that set my mind to dream state while waking,  who publishes the most beautiful drawing comics out there on Domino, some of my favorite books I've purchased in a LONG WHILE, anything this guy puts out is gold, I highly recommend all the books by Domino, WHOLE HEARTEDLY,
THIS GUY!  has got my back, he reviews my never heard of Hot Dog Beach series, 1 & 2 and some other books that are fine lookers, always interesting, what can I say this man's got TASTE!

"This edition, you can feel Westvind slipping deep into her characters world and wanting to get it all to look the right way: The hallway looks THIS way, and the secretary looks THIS way."

 It's like he read my goddamn mind and it almost puts a tear in my eye.

"In fact, ‘getting it to look right’ misses the point. Westvind actually wants it to all look as rich and overflowing with creative energy as possible. A secretary character isn't scribbled off as set dressing, Instead, every character (or wall, or chair, or eyeball) is an opportunity to pour out drawing, character design, humor, and intricate com positional work. The story is RELISHED here, and we relish it too, because Westvind is in some kind of crazy zine where she has the energy to draw it all and make it look razor sharp—and vastly fun.
 My favorite sequence here involves a hired motocyclist named Dinky spitting at a snake. Westvind spends so much energy drawing Dinky turning to spit that you almost want to cheer. The amazing part is, Hot Dog Beach is full of moments like this and for all their pleasure, the story itself chugs right along."
For the FULL EFFECT of this gentleman's TASTE check out AUSTIN ENGLISH' CHECKLIST #2
AND ALSO, HERE'S AUSTIN'S review of Hot Dog Beach #1 at Robot 6.commmmmmmmm:
Hot Dog Beach 2 debuted at CAKE in chicago 2 weeks ago, (IT WAS AWESOME)
and it is now available at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago(Edie Fake left a typical wacky blurb for Hot Dog Beach #2 complete with ITALIAN BEEF REFERENCE! wuttaguy.)

Hot Dog Beach 1 and other books are available at those locations as well as

Soon I'd like to put up some pics of the pile I got at CAKE, I got some gooooood stuff mhmmmmmmm.

Back in NYC slingin' cheese for the green, ready to get down and dirty for 
featuring a new pirate ship of artists and musicians ready to flip out, will have an old school 3d cover, I hear that's in these days, there are some really really nice books out already with a sweet 3d thing, but I heard too late, ITS HAPPENING. 

and then there's this
what better excuse could i possibly have to return to that magic rainforest city than an abstract experimental comics and animation festival, derrrrrrrrp! and it's right after the monied swamp fest, APE, oogabooga and merry christmas.