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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Titus and The Cyber SUN, Cheaper with hand colored cover!

Titus and the Cyber Sun, also available on Quimby's site, HERE. Now $7 instead of $9 because of hand-done colored pencil covers, take that Kinkos! (color copies cost waaaay too much.)

Here's the old cover that cost roughly 2 dollars.

 Here's the new/old cheaper, simplified, individually hand-colored cover!
(not as cool? well...2 bux!)

I just purchased 1-6 of Moebius Giraud's collected works and am now tempted and encouraged to begin another psychedelic sci-fi epic! Perhaps a trio of 12 page stories together in a 36 page booklet.

Meanwhile, the first 24 pages of Hot Dog Beach are in preparation to be released as an independent issue, HDB EPISODE 1, introducing Mop, Fuzz, Mr. Bizznizz, Flesh Gun and Plumo! I'll get it together and put it out in May.

                                           (MOP & FUZZ, LOOKIN' 4 SUM THIN... )