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Saturday, December 26, 2009

You Are Not Me

I was on the M1 bus today, going downtown on fifth avenue. There was only one other person on the bus, a woman in pearls. After staring at me for about twenty minutes from the front of the bus, she walked right up to me and smiled so I said "Hi." and she didn't say anything but she handed me a tiny piece of paper that had printed on it "YOU ARE NOT ME". Then she smiled and sat back down at the front of the bus. I thought this was kind of aggressive behavior on her part. I wanted to stand up and say "I know I'm NOT YOU! I'm ME GODDAMMIT!" but its the kind of thing that if you don't do it immediately you just end up thinking about for the rest of the bus ride, till you get off. I imagined the work she had to have put into the action. She had to get onto the computer, type it up, print it out, cut it down just so... and then waiting on the bus, for the perfect moment, for the moment when it was just me and her. If only I had gotten her first.